In this gallery you will find a series of new abstracts along with my own reference photos for my new project "Scalloway" The idea arose whilst on a recent visit to family on the Island of Shetland and to the sea town of Scalloway.

Whilst on a walk around the working harbor of Scalloway we came to the small marina which housed brightly painted working fishing boats moored alongside the more reserved looking pleasure boats.

 Just off to the side of the marina was a small collection of derelict little boats discarded probably with no further use other than to fill with earth and use as quirky flower beds for the tourists. 

However on closer inspection, these vessels had turned into something else. The sea, wind and rain had transformed these one time working tools of the local fishermen into fantastic pieces of abstract art, with their flaking paint work of yellows, reds and blues, the orange and reds of rust eaten metal work and the green of the rotting wooden hulls and oars had taken on a new appearance that would grace any abstract gallery.

So armed with the photos I took and rust and wood gathered from the boats and ship yard I am going to produce a series of absract mixed media paintings inspired by these forgotten little fishing boats. 

Join me on the journey. 


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