I am mainly self taught and continue to develope myself as an artist by studying other artists styles and techniques, closely looking at artwork in galleries and by reading art literature, however  I feel nothing can beat just plain old "playing"! with paint.

Since I first seriously ventured into showing my art, I have received pleasing comments about my work and lots of encouragement form artists I personally admire.  The past few years in particular have been great with regards exhibitions both as part of a group and solo, so much so that I have pieces which now reside in private ownership in London, Liverpool, France, The Shetland isles and counties closer to home. 

2015 saw my first solo exhibition at the Gloucester Guild hall Gallery which was very exciting swiftly followed other exhibitions around the region . I have slowly been building my body of work as I push myself to progress further, trying out different styles and techniques, and attending workshops with respected Artists such as Glyn  Macey, and with Renowned Colourist Ashley Hanson in Cornwall which have all helped to facilitated my development.  2016 saw a further progression by receiving awards from the prestigious American Arts Awards for two of my entries into their world wide competition

I would like thank wife and Son for their continued support and belief in me.As for the future? well who knows where this journey of discovery, trial and error, joy and disappointment  is all leading, What I know is I’m just going to enjoy the ride and will keep trying to produce interesting pieces.


Photo by Andrew Higgins



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