Style and techniques:

 When looking at art I like to see interesting brush strokes, scrapes, lines, textures and colours. I find myself more interested in the colour and abstractness of a painting rather than its attention to accuracy in appearance or perspective, veering away from the realistic. I like to try and work out how pieces are created from a technical point of view.

 My work ranges from semi representational to abstract expressionism being prepared to tackle many different topics and styles. However if I was to single out a particular genre as one I enjoy the most both to look at and try ,I would say abstract expression. Work from the likes of Jackson Pollock, John Hoyland the British Abstract painter from the late 60’s and 70's , Howard Hodgkin along with Hans Hoffman from the 50's have all influenced some of my abstracts.

With regards to the rest of my portfolio ,I work mostly from sketches or photographs either taken by myself or sourced from various outlets, I try hard not to be heavily influenced by the source materials colours, leaving me free to go my own way with regards to colour and expressive marks. 

It has been said to me, why do I tackle such a varied amount of topics and styles rather than sticking with one, I feel changing from one style and subject matter to another keeps me on my toes and helps me push myself  to try out different techniques and not to stay in a comfort zone.


 Influences range from the works of Artists such as Matisse and Van Gogh through to the Abstract work of Hans Hofmann, John Hoyland, De Kooning and Jackson Pollock. From current artists that inspire me are Hashim Akib with his loaded multicolour brush technique, Glyn Macey and Mike Bernard with their their vibrant colours, expressive mark making and collage to Ashley Hanson with his heavily textured abstract landscapes. These latter artists coupled with the abstract artists mentioned really excite me and I find myself being influenced and inspired by them in so creating a mix of these styles.

 I hope you enjoy my work


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